How To Get Top DOLLAR For Your Home in Any Market 

From the Office of Robert Caruso:

Selling your home for most people can create feelings of anxiety…packing, planning and making the move is stressful enough. What about the actual process of selling your home? The market conditions...ESPECIALLY IN THIS MARKET, the agent you hire and avoiding being on the market for Months without an offer is potentially a whole other nightmare in itself. 


Don’t know where to start or how to put your home in the best position possible for maximum profit?

Feeling stressed about being ripped off or lied to?

 Don’t trust real estate agents to tell you the truth?

Does Real Estate Greed worry you?




You’re right to be concerned - for the last few years and especially from mid-2020, it has been a SELLER'S MARKET making it Easy for almost any typical Realtor to list low, wait for a bidding war and Sell for Above Asking. 


It's not a Seller's Market anymore...the days of putting up a Coming Soon Sign, picking the best of many offers on the offer date at a way over asking price are gone!


Before all the bidding wars, there was the traditional approach...the Outdated process consisted of price reductions and excessive waiting because inexperienced Realtors didn't have the Marketing Experience on How to properly MARKET & SELL a Home.



Sadly, even the more experienced Realtors followed the List High, Pray it Sells approach and if months passed without offers, they constantly Pressed Seller's to Lower their price because they lacked True Marketing Skills to Orchestrate a Fast Sale at a High Price from the beginning




The good news is that you don’t need to panic. It’s not too late to take control of your home sale and profit. This book will open your eyes to a very different approach. From the beginning, it starts, not just in how to select your agent or the program you choose, like the one presented in this book, but fundamentally, it requires a different mindset. 


Don’t be one of the hundreds who end up saying, “I wish someone would have told me that.” You can’t control many things - the housing market, interest rates, lending rules, and requirements - but what you can control is what approach you take getting your home on the market. That “approach” can be the defining factor that gives you the extra profit you can get from your home that you deserve.


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This is perfect for anyone who wants to know Exactly where the Market is in Real Time.


Robert Caruso

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